Feo the Yorkie Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Feo's big pal says: Meet Feo! One cold, rainy morning in February, I looked down and there he was, shivering, wet, and scared. I picked him up and took him inside as he clung to me. Days of trying to find his owner failed (thank goodness!), and we became the proud owners of this precious boy. When my mom first laid eyes on him the first word out of her mouth was, "Feo!" He is by no means "feo." He is beautiful and a spiritual blessing. He has the heart of a lion and has risked his own life to protect ours when two rotweillers got in the backyard. His vet advised us of his bad knees, so to give him a view of the world when his legs wear out during walks, we got him his own stroller. Feo is an old soul, and an angel from above.