Finlay the Manchester Terrier

Dog Breed: Manchester Terrier

Finlay's sister says: Finlay (Ace Prince is his posh name) is a Manchester terrier puppy. We, as a family, have always had dogs. When we lost our husky, my dad wanted a Manchester terrier like the one he had when he was a young lad. We travelled over 250 miles to meet one of the only breeders in Britain, and when we met Finlay (who was only eight weeks old at the time) we all fell in love. The breeder had said he was her favourite and she'd had a feeling we'd love him so she saved him for us! When all the books say MT's are "enthusiastic," they certianly aren't wrong. Whenever anyone comes in (even if we've only been out for two minutes) we call it the six-point hello -- tongue, tail, and four legs -- which lasts for half an hour! He's always there, even when you'd rather he wasn't, and there's no doubting that Finlay is the family's friend, and we couldn't ask any more from such a cutie!