Finn the Boston Terrier

Dog Breed: Boston Terrier

Hi, I'm Finn! As in Huckleberry! I hope you like me because I already like you! I like baths and I like to swim. Snow is fun, too. Big dogs, step to the front of the line, I will own you! I like to look slightly worried a lot of the time. I can also do a great Winston Churchill impression. I have four names and sometimes I don't listen to any of them. I like to snuggle, but on my terms. I climbed a big tree the other day and almost cost my owner $4000 in ACL surgery! I like to shake things up. I snore like an old man in a La-Z-Boy. I haven't caught a squirrel yet. I swam in the ocean with my life jacket and rode the big waves! If I see you, I'll give you a full body "hello!"