Flossy the Mix Terrier

Dog Breed: Unknown

Flossy's mom says: After the sudden and devastating death of our nine year old puppy ("daughter"), my parents and I were left empty. Desperate for a distraction from the grief, we considered getting another puppy to shower with the love our former dog left behind. Less than two weeks later, Flossy waddled into our lives from a local humane society. We had originally named her Florence Marietta, but after a month of having her, her scrappy yet lovable personality persuaded us to shorten her name to Flossy. Not only was she a mix terrier (our preferred type of dog), but she looked almost exactly like our former dog except Flossy was white. As far as mannerisms go, Flossy was definitely not what we were used to. She's energetic, alert, always smiling, and sometimes very mischievous. Sure, we often joke about how she has such a masculine and aggressive playfulness about her, but in all honesty she is truly heaven sent. She's also my favorite thing to photograph! Although no dog can replace our late puppy, Flossy is a constant reminder that you just have to keep moving on and looking for miracles to get you through the days.