Flynn the Terrier Mix

Dog Breed: Cairn Terrier / Lhasa Apso

Hi, I'm Flynn! My owners adopted me from a rescue on Easter last year, when I was just 9 weeks old. I love to eat ice cubes and carrots, run as fast as I can, snarfle around on carpets, and learn new tricks. So far, I know about 40 tricks and commands, and I'm still learning! Some of my favorites are back up, shake and high ten. I can also open my crate on command, open doors, and touch a bell to be let outside. I guess I'm pretty smart! I also love food of any kind, anyone who gives me food, and hiking. I have a snaggletooth, big bushy eyebrows and a poofy tail. My owners did a DNA test on me and found out I am Cairn Terrier, Lhasa Apso, and Rat Terrier. I haven't met anyone else quite like me, but I guess that just means I'm unique.