Gimlie the Mini Doxie x Mini Pinscher

Dog Breed: Unknown

Gimlie's mom says: Gim is my baby. He thinks he is human. He has a thing about ears, loves to nibble on them. This is how he wakes me up in the morning. He is the prince of our apartment complex. He goes visiting to play with our neighbor's four cats, his buddies. Some of his best buddies are Labs and Great Danes, but most he loves cats. He has a wonderful personality. He dances and sits pretty when he wants something, and has the high jump record of Richmond too. He is loved by all. Everywhere we go someone wants to take him. There is no clone, so I guess they are out of luck. He is part mini dachshund and part mini pinscher. Had the best of both breeds. We love him very much. A proud mom has more to say: He loves to sleep in the space between my back and my chair when I am at my desk. He loves to walk on my back or sit on my shoulder, especially when he is nervous or scared. He is the only animal I know that is concerned about where he leaves his do... he will back up to a bush or tall grass and hide it, will never go out in the open spaces. Everyone laughs about that. He loves cats. We adopted a kitten for him to have a playmate. He has been like her surrogate parent, bathing her and caring for her. She took to him right away, never was scared like most cats are the first time the see a dog. They have become best friends. Everyone who sees him seems to want him or wants to know where we got him and if they have more. But he is a one of a kind... a special little man.