Gizmo the Pointer/English Sheepdog Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Gizmo's mom says: When Gizmo was two years old, we became his third owners. He is a character, to put it mildly. He LOVES tennis balls and will fetch until he can fetch no more. Unfortunately, he loves the tennis balls so much that we have to bring a spare so that he'll drop the first ball... otherwise a thrilling game of keep-away ensues. He loves to hike, camp, swim, and simply run for joy. He gets a kick out of chasing squirrels (he's never caught one) and he loves to run into a flock of birds to make them fly. He will sit on anyone's lap, which at 70 pounds is hysterical, so we warn anyone who comes to the house to prepare themselves. He is a good-natured guy and just loves people.