Gizmo the Pomeranian

Dog Breed: Pomeranian

Almost three years ago, a little angel came into my life. Gizmo's owner abandoned him on the rough streets of downtown Atlanta, and I knew it was my calling to save him. It quickly became apparent that Gizmo was a very special boy. I trained him to be a therapy dog so he could touch other lives like he has mine. Gizmo has been a dedicated therapy dog for the past two and a half years. Together, we have connected with some of the most special people in the world--kids learning to read at the library, residents at nursing homes, patients in psychiatric units, children battling cancer and other rare diseases, kids at the Juvenile Detention Center, and children overcoming their disabilities in school. Whenever I walk into a room with Gizmo dressed in some silly outfit, everyone breaks a smile, no matter how difficult their situation may be. Gizmo inspires everyone to have faith and to look at the bright side of life.