Gizmo the Yorkshire Terrier

Dog Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Gizmo is the best little buddy ever. We believe him to be about 4 years old and a full blooded Yorkie. His previous owner passed away. He had a few health issues at first. He was underweight, needed deworming, all of his shots and neutering. He is healthy now. He has gained a little weight and his vet said he is doing wonderful. He has brought so much joy into my life. He makes coming home so much more fun. He loves my 3-year-old granddaughter. He is a real snuggle bug. He would love to play with the cats in the house but they want nothing to do with him. They are old and not pleased but they have learned to get along with him somewhat. He is smart and has learned to go outside when it's potty time. He has learned to sit and we are working on come and leave it. He loves to go for walks and I have had part of my yard fenced just for him. He smiles at me every time I come home. It does not matter if I have been gone all day or just a little while. It is the cutest thing ever and always makes me laugh.