Gogo the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Unknown

Gogo's sister says: Gogo joined our family when she was two months old and I was twelve. We've grown up together; she's my playmate, sister, and study buddy. Her name is the affectionate Chinese term for "dog". It's simple, but it works! We think she might be a mix of Doberman or kelpie with whippet or Italian greyhound. She loves to run, stretch, and beg for treats. With her bright, plaintive eyes and perfect posture, she usually gets her way too. Gogo is extremely bright and she not only learns new vocabulary in a matter of minutes, she can also differentiate between English and Chinese. There might even be some sort of herding breed in her, because she will track and stalk her toys, particularly her one true love (besides food), tennis balls. The only way to get her to relinquish one is to trade her for another, but she's also realized that if she doesn't give up her current ball, I have to chase her around the yard, which is infinitely more fun for her. Gogo has brought so much joy and love into my life, and I miss her every day while I'm away at college.