Goldberg the Retriever Mix

Dog Breed: Golden Retriever / Labrador Retriever

Goldberg was born in Hawaii and was unfortunately given up by his first family when they were moving away from Maryland. We adopted Goldberg in 2003 and love him as though he is our brother/son. He loves eating and will do any trick to get a taste of food. He naps on the couch while his mommy and daddy are at work and will steal any food substance they might have left out. He was once so hungry he opened the freezer and got himself some ice cream. Goldberg celebrated his "Bark-Mitzvah" last July when he turned 13 and always celebrates the Jewish holidays, even though he doesn't love wearing his kippah. Goldberg has two best friends, Glen and Daisy, and his favorite TV show is The Price is Right. Goldberg loves life and we are very lucky to have found him.