Gretta the German Shepherd

Dog Breed: German Shepherd Dog

I was taking a walk across my farm one day and I was nervous when I saw a big German Shepherd a few yards in front of me. She was thin and her tail was between her legs. She walked towards me, very hesitant, until I squatted down. She walked right to me and laid down. I took her back to the vet right away. She was very underweight. My vet told me it was common for large dogs to be dropped off in the country because of the economy, it was hard for some people to feed large dogs. She also showed signs of having been abused. I fed her and loved her and she blossomed. Several months later she became sick and we rushed her to an emergency vet who diagnosed her with an Autoimmune Disorder which left untreated would've killed her. It's maintained now and Gretta is a very much loved member of my family. She loves everyone, especially children. She loves to make new friends. I'm beyond blessed to have her in my life.