Griffin the Golden Retriever

Dog Breed: Golden Retriever

Griffin lives in Connecticut but spent the first five months of his life on a farm in Pennsylvania. He loves getting dirty, rolling around, and digging humongous holes in the backyard that he has taken over. He is a typical spoiled puppy with tons of toys, and he plays with every single one of them. He especially loves "juggling" one of his favorite tennis balls. But his absolute favorite thing to do is swim in what he thinks is his very own pool. Sometimes he will let us humans in so that we can throw the ball around for him to swim after. He even has a special ramp for him to get in and get out, although he almost never wants to get out!

Comments (57)
CMajors1 Aug 7, 2008
What a cute golden big boo boo!!!!!

kady Aug 7, 2008
what a handsome happy and healthy

Hound Lover Aug 7, 2008
He looks all tired out! What a darling!

mummm Aug 7, 2008
Some random things just make great toys! What a pretty pup.

wolfgirl66 Aug 7, 2008
All of his pictures are so adorable that I had trouble picking one....

terry c Aug 7, 2008
"Being pampered and spoiled is a tough job, but somebody has to...

fritzy Aug 7, 2008
Griffen, I think it is very sweet for your humans to have put in a...

ckendall Aug 7, 2008
What a handsome boy you are! Lots of love in those eyes!

kerryllr Aug 7, 2008
Still a puppy! I call these "puppy power naps"!

RachelAnn Aug 7, 2008
what a beautiful dog,looks very loving

pamfontainepeters Aug 7, 2008
Griffin looks like such a playful, happy doggy! Biscuits and...

layla9925 Aug 7, 2008
"I think I might have to get you! But I think I want to rest...

mustlovedogs Aug 7, 2008
Griffen you stole my heart when I looked at your photos! What a...

momtoharley Aug 7, 2008
What a smiling face! Griffin is beautiful.

coqui301 Aug 7, 2008
What a big smile...he is a very handsome boy!!!!

Puppy Power Aug 7, 2008
Griffin is an absolutely GORGEOUS DOG!

shellyrini Aug 7, 2008
what a beauty. If I had my very own pool I would not want to get out...

Yeatts Aug 7, 2008
I'm gonna get that tongue! What a fun guy! Thanks for sharing...

zoesam Aug 7, 2008
Griffin is a sweet guy. He looks so content and loving life with all...

kyladee Aug 7, 2008
Now that's a smile! Griffin is so pretty.

carolynsmalley Aug 7, 2008
Such a happy boy! I love him!

wolfensteinsmom Aug 7, 2008
Gorgeous baby! Belly rubs, belly rubs and more belly rubs!!! I...

whippoorwill Aug 7, 2008
What a happy boy Griffin is! I would be, too, if I were having the...

wheatie mom Aug 7, 2008
Griffin, you have a brush just like ours! Aren't they fun to...

luvmyroscoe Aug 7, 2008
"Toys just come to me. I open my mouth, and there they are!"...

mikdebluvpups Aug 7, 2008
Soooo Handsome!

djmc Aug 7, 2008
What a handsome boy you are. Love the Goldens. Many happy years....

august70 Aug 7, 2008
Griffin, you're such a cutie and quite the happy boy! You're...

PenfoldNM007 Aug 7, 2008
"Just brushing my teeth so that I look good for all of my...

Ness Aug 7, 2008
I'm willing to bet you just got back from a walk here, Griffin!...

mydexy Aug 7, 2008
He is adorable!!!

lalamcgoo Aug 7, 2008
What a great smile!!! How adorable you are sweetie! I wish my pup...

mudcovebum Aug 7, 2008
he almost looks like he is mixed with something else? none the less...

tamwise21 Aug 7, 2008
Cute fellow................He seems to be enjoying life...

sputnik Aug 7, 2008
Griffin, you are such a doll! Have fun with your tennis ball

DailyPuppy Admin Aug 7, 2008
Such a playful guy!

Rickysmom Aug 7, 2008
What an angel. You gotta love that smile.

lizanne Aug 7, 2008
Hi Griffin, You are a gorgeous Puppy-boy and I love you. I am loving...

lizanne Aug 7, 2008
Well, something happened!!! So, as I was saying, "Just don't...

packermom Aug 7, 2008
This says it all, look at the love and devotion in those eyes. My...

amyliz Aug 7, 2008
Griffin is such a beautiful dog! It sounds like you have given a...

daphne's mom Aug 7, 2008
What a cutie! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together!...

crunchy_doglover Aug 7, 2008
WOW!! Griffen you are sooo cute and adorable!!!

doggymommy Aug 7, 2008
Now that is an "I love you mommy"...

krystan Aug 7, 2008
Uh, mama, isn't it time for a brushing? They feel...

krystan Aug 7, 2008
AH, cool grass and a bone, what a great life!!

lisalisa Aug 7, 2008
Griffin couldn't be cuter or look happier! I'm sending him...

krystan Aug 7, 2008
"Check out this handsome face, I'm so irresistable you...

iamme Aug 7, 2008
AWWW!! What a pretty boy! :) He is soo cute. Love them when...

proudpuppyperson Aug 7, 2008
Griffin you are ADORABLE... and always smiling!!! :)

sj Aug 7, 2008
What an adorable smart puppy! You have your owners trained...

drakes' granny Aug 7, 2008
Hey swimmer, all retrievers love the water. Or at least most do! ...

lucybee Aug 7, 2008
That is one happy dog! He must be a joy to live with.

doggcat Aug 7, 2008

puppy world Aug 8, 2008
he is sooooooooooooooo adorable and has a white coat mix with gold i...

puppydog Aug 17, 2008
Griffin is so cute! loves to clean i see!

Georgie Sep 4, 2008
What a cutie love ya!!XXXX