Grom the Airedale Terrier

Dog Breed: Airedale Terrier

Grom is the reason why I have come to love the Airedale breed so much. He is one of the best dogs I have ever owned, and I have owned a lot! He is one of those dogs that is always by my side. He's very obedient and will do everything I ask. He loves going shopping for new toys and likes to carry them out of the store himself! Everyone laughs when they see him do this but he doesn't seem to care. Everywhere we go people always tell him what a beautiful boy he is and he seems to know that he is. He is amazing in every way and even though he is getting older he will always be my baby.

Comments (35)
princelover Sep 27, 2010
Very handsome gentleman! So very regal looking.

zen Sep 27, 2010
Airdales are beautiful, friendly critters and Grom is certainly...

duettists Sep 27, 2010
What a wonderful dog Grom is!

pfordeb Sep 27, 2010
Great pictures of a handsome dog. Grom does seem like the epitome of...

w102663 Sep 27, 2010
Grom is a very good looking young man and so smart. He has very...

dogluvr857 Sep 27, 2010
That one eyebrow lowered look is priceless! What a handsome boy.

goldenlover Sep 27, 2010
Beeeeuuuuutiful dog !!

amyliz Sep 27, 2010
Grom is a wonderful dog...not only very cute, but sounds like such a...

clemency Sep 27, 2010
What a handsome boy! Airedales are always so gorgeous, and Grom is...

daphne's mom Sep 27, 2010
Grom is a beautiful boy! I hope you have many happy and healthy...

wheatie mom Sep 27, 2010
Grom, you are just handsome! The biggest of the terrier family and...

Coinshop Sep 27, 2010
Grom is a beautiful Airedale. I've heard from other friends they...

Coinshop Sep 27, 2010
All of your pictures are great. This one is especially cute!

hectorboyardee Sep 27, 2010
Even though we have two little dachshunds, Airedales are still my...

janet weir Sep 27, 2010
what a sweet old fellow!

Frankt Sep 27, 2010
GROM is just the coolest dude going!!!

tzumom Sep 27, 2010
I love your expressive. You seem to be telling us just what...

DLGray Sep 27, 2010
Love your pictures... he is one handsome boy!

Candy&Chloe's mom Sep 27, 2010
Grom IS a handsome boy! When I tell our doxie she is the most...

guerrero's grandma Sep 27, 2010
Such a handsome fellow is Grom! Terriers are all such sweet dogs,...

furriesrfantastic Sep 27, 2010
Oh Grom (love the name by the way) you`re not getting older you`re...

PamN1211 Sep 27, 2010
Such a beauty Grom is! Give him a big hug from all of us! Pam, Simon,...

Zabilka Sep 27, 2010
He looks so happy!! Cute :)

bestfriends Sep 27, 2010
Very handsome guy. I love this shot, it looks like he's really...

pandrews-4 Sep 27, 2010
Grom you are not only handsome but what a loving companion you are!...

bluegigi Sep 27, 2010
He looks like he's smiling and just bet he's got a lot to...

doggiedays Sep 27, 2010
Oh Grom! You certainly are a very handsome boy! I wish you many...

sundayfriday Sep 27, 2010
AWWWW what a sweety!!!!!!!

malawi Sep 27, 2010
Grom sounds wonderful...and what a handsome boy he is!

wolfgirl66 Sep 27, 2010
Sweet Grom is totally adorable and I hope y'all enjoy many happy...

drakes' granny Sep 27, 2010
Very handsome fella. Looks pretty spry to me. Lots of spring in his...

dianel99 Sep 27, 2010
Grom you are a great guy, I can see. I was interested in reading...

pirosred Sep 27, 2010
What a wonderful face! Treasure every moment with Grom.

puppy world#1 Oct 1, 2010
hehahehaho cute

lucybee Oct 3, 2010
You're a Very handsome fellow!