Gucci the Jack Russell/Chihuahua

Dog Breed: Unknown

Gucci's mom says: This is Gucci from Johannesburg, South Africa. She is a Jack Russell mixed with a Chihuahua. Everyone who meets her thinks she is still a puppy even though she's four years old already. We all agree that she is one special dog. She is very affectionate, sensitive, and loves to cuddle up next to me in my bed, under the covers all night. I fell in love with her when she was two weeks old at the local SPCA while looking for a cat! The problem is so did everybody else, as the SPCA had a promotion during a Big Brother episode to try and find some of the dogs homes. Gucci and her two sisters were featured on the show long after I had my heart set on her, which made it even more of a challenge to get her. On the day she was allowed to go when she was six weeks old, I got to the SPCA two hours before it opened just to queue up for my little pup. Luckily I managed to convince the person that was there before me to let me have the "white and brown" one as there were three pups in the litter. Since then, Gucci and I have been best friends. She has given me years of love and happiness and I now believe in doggie-human soulmates!