Gypsy the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Australian Shepherd / Boxer

Gypsy is a boxer / shepherd mix. We decided to name her Gypsy because my boyfriend and I live in separate homes and she is our dog. Therefore she would be traveling quite a lot. Her brother is a 3-year-old tabby cat named Doobie. Gypsy's personality still amazes me. She is incredibly smart and very well behaved. She understands me when I'm speaking to her and even puts in her input every once in a while. She loves long walks, playing fetch, swimming at the beach, and doing tricks for treats. Her favorite treats are anything chicken flavored. She knows how to sit, stay, shake, speak, roll over, all on command. She is a spoiled little brat, and she knows it. Gypsy loves her mommy and daddy. She is always in one of our laps or trying to get us to take her somewhere.