Hansel the Miniature Schnauzer

Dog Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Hansel's mom says: Hansel is the baby of the family, and he knows it! He's really my mom's dog along with her other miniature schnauzer, Grettle. Hansel was a gift from above to be honest. We had Grettle and another dog, a mutt, Badge. The day we put Badge down (she was getting so old, and Grettle was just a puppy at the time too) we got a call letting us know that Hansel was ready to be picked up from the breeder. He came into our lives at the most perfect time! He quickly adjusted to his life in our house and has grown on everyone. Every morning, he'll nudge open my door (sleeps in my parents room of course) and will jump up on my bed, expecting me to get up! He loves giving kisses and loves to play tug-o-war. He an Grettle get along wonderfully, considering they are brother and sister, just from two separate litters. He always makes sure we feed him at the appropriate time each day by sitting on his little butt and staring at us. He's such a baby!