Harleigh the Labrador Retriever

Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever

I got Harleigh from a rescue when she was a puppy. She is everything that I was looking for in a dog. When Harleigh first got here she was shy girl, and still is to an extent. We worked hard on overcoming so many fears she had and she slowly became more and more confident. She put her trust in me and we became a team. She is an energetic girl and loves to be outside. She loves to go swimming and she loves fetching tennis balls. She really loves if you put those two together! Whenever she's swimming or fetching, she forgets about all those "silly" fears she had and just lives in the moment. A few months ago we started taking Agility classes and she is just in love. She looks forward to our class every week and it has boosted her confidence even more. She leaves me in the dust because she goes so fast - she just enjoys it so much!