Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Sep 17, 2009 georgia04
I'm glad to be the first to comment on this lovely girl. Hope Hennesey finds her forever home soon. Keep looking up, pretty girl! Stay proud. :)
Sep 17, 2009 BARC Shelter
We love you Henny!
Sep 17, 2009 kady
She is beautiful and I hope she can find a loving home
Sep 17, 2009 w102663
Hennesey you are a pretty girl and look so happy and content. I pray that you find that "special" family to love and care for you. Belly rubs and kisses! OOO XXX
Sep 17, 2009 kerryllr
Two years at a shelter? Poor thing. She is a very pretty lady and deserves better than that!
Sep 17, 2009 fritzy
Sep 17, 2009 amyliz
Hennesey, you have the sweetest face! I'm sure you've received good care at the shelter, but you deserve a home of your own and I hope you get it SOON!
Sep 17, 2009 daphne's mom
What a darling! I hope she finds a loving forever home soon! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of hugs for such a beautiful girl!
Sep 17, 2009 djmc
I hope she finds her a wonderful family that fit her needs. Every baby needs there own family to love and be loved. Hugs and belly rubs for ya baby.
Sep 17, 2009 genevieve bejar
My daughter and I resured an adult abused Pit. The media and dog fighters should be flogged. We have never been more pleased. Her name is Dolly-Mae and she is wonderful with everyone. I've never had a dog so easy to train and loving. My dachshund will bite, but Dolly-Mae would never ever think of it. Wish you all the best Henny.
Sep 17, 2009 lalamcgoo
Miss Hennesey is a beautiful and special girl. I am sure there is a patient family out there who will be perfect for her, and she will reciprocate the love. Pits are a special breed that need to be with the right people, much love and happiness to this lovely lady.
Sep 17, 2009 AlanaDavis miss hennesey you sure are very beautiful!! i hope she finds the very best home!! i wish i could bring her to my house with my other dogs!!! her face and coloring is remarkable!!! her name is interesting toooo!!! love you lil girl best wishes!!!
Sep 17, 2009 Hillcat
God Bless to BARC Shelter for taking such good care of this beautiful girl. I hope Hennessy finds her family soon.
Sep 17, 2009 tripvangogh
aww, hennesey, i wish i could take you home! what a sweetie.
Sep 17, 2009 lucybee
Hennesey-what a pretty face you have.I hope someone with no cat and a yard full of squirrels needing to be herded will take you to the home you deserve.Good luck,sweet girl!
Sep 17, 2009 gryt
Aww what a sweet girl. Good luck, baby!
Sep 17, 2009 DailyPuppy Admin
Such a long day of playing at the park! I really hope you find your forever home real soon, you are too precious.
Sep 17, 2009 kgpayne13
Keep the faith, pretty girl! The right home is out there for you!
Sep 17, 2009 Annie2
Lovely dog, but -- two years in a shelter is so sad. Some might even say, cruel. Your opinions please: wouldn't it be ultimately kinder to...?
Sep 17, 2009 clemency
Henny, you are a beautiful dog and you sound like you are a smart, sweet, loyal girl. I hope you find your true home soon!
Sep 17, 2009 ILUVSUKI
Whoa! You have a huge tongue, Hennesy. What a lovely name. Are you yawning or panting in what looks like a suuny day? Your a beautiful girl and deserve lots of kisses and treats. Loadsa' love'n'snuggles from me and Suki
Sep 17, 2009 doggone1973
What a beautiful girl, sure hope she finds her special loving home soon, two years is a long time to have to go without someone to love you as there own. hugs and kisses.
Sep 17, 2009 TummyTickler
You sweet, adorable darling girl!!! 2 yrs. in a shelter is a long time and I just hope & pray she finds her furever, loving home quickly. Not all dogs get along with cats but am sure Hennessey will make a very loving pet for someone. Cuddles, kisses & a ton of biscuits for this wonderful girl. Love Zoey.
Sep 17, 2009 malawi
Two years is waaay too long...plenty of dogs have cat issues...she's a beauty and sounds like she has a wonderful personality...please get a home soon Hennesey
Sep 17, 2009 taniamorse85
Oh, Hennesey, how I adore you! Pit bulls are my favorite breed. They are loyal, sweet dogs, and it is such a shame they are portrayed in such a negative way. Hennesey is absolutely beautiful, and I hope she is able to find a great new home soon!
Sep 17, 2009 mora
Sleepy puppy! If I could take her home right now, I would. I can't believe she's been at the shelter for 2 years--who wouldn't want to take such a beautiful girl home?
Sep 17, 2009 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Hennesey deserves a loving home, and I hope she finds her forever home soon. Bless you for all you do at BARC, as well as the Daily Puppy. Hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum in London, Ontario
Sep 17, 2009 cconaway
Every dog deserves the love and comfort of a forever home. I hope she finds one soon! Beautiful Girl!
Sep 17, 2009 LePenguin
She is absolutely adorable. Best wishes for a responsible and loving forever home!
Sep 17, 2009 lovely latvian
I know it's tiring waiting for your home, but it won't be long now sweetie...someone is going to love you and look after you....
Sep 17, 2009 Applegirl
LOOK AT THAT TONGUE! HAHA :) she's gorgeous!
Sep 17, 2009 zoegirl
What a pretty girl! It's heartbreaking to hear she has spent 2 years in a shelter but thank goodness for the efforts of BARC and other places like it.
Sep 17, 2009 iluvk9s
She is looking to the heavens for her forever home and I am praying along with her that she goes home soon. Such a beautiful baby. All the biscuits, hugs and kisses in the universe for Hennesey!
Sep 18, 2009 Beth1226
What a pretty girl (and cool name)! I always worry about pits finding homes. I hope someone can see her for the sweet dog that she is and will soon add her to their family.
Sep 18, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
How could this beautiful little girl be in a shelter at all, but 2 years!?!?!? That is absolutely criminal! Pits have a bad rep, but PULEASE!!! She looks like a fun loving, sweet BIG lap dog. I would have her in a heart beat except, I have and alpha female, and a cat. OOPS!!! I sure hope she finds a wonderful forever family to give her a chance to live and love the way she deserves. Love and nose kisses to you, Hennesey, and God hold you until your forever family can.
Sep 18, 2009 Freedom's Pet
Hennesey, you are a lovely sweetheart, and this precious face was made for snuggles. I hope your special, loving and forever (cat-free!!) family finds you today!! Lots of treats and tummy rubs and wishes for a long, healthy and happy life for you!!
Sep 18, 2009 puppy world#1
Why dont you want this sweet dog?
Sep 19, 2009 pittylover
so cute hugs and kisses from pittylover
Sep 19, 2009 wolfgirl66
Sep 19, 2009 wolfgirl66
Sep 23, 2009
she is so cute hope she finds a great home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!:)
Nov 6, 2009 Beth Elder
I think Hennesy's expression says .... What's over there? It is a very cute expression. She sounds very sweet if she likes to cuddle and likes belly rubs. I hope that she has found a home. She is just precious!
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