Henry James the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Australian Shepherd / Great Pyrenees

Henry lived wild and free for the first 4 months of his life before he was moved to the big city to start a new life with his adoptive mommy. Now he is a well-adjusted, happy, little guy who prefers to spend his days playing in his big yard and going for walks to get timbits with his mommy. He is very excited right now as it is cabin season and it's time to head to the great outdoors for some hot dogs on the fire. This sweet little man my be intimidating in size but his big body and big heart will win you over in a second. It seems that everywhere we go he finds new friends and very likely has more friends than his mom. He also now has 4 girlfriends (Frost, Nikka, Indy and Sadie). He is looking forward to another summer with his sister Lily, his cousins, Peanut and Noelle, and is always watched over by big sister and guardian angel, Ayda.