Henry the Pug

Dog Breed: Pug

Henry is almost two years old. He lives in Las Vegas with his mummy and daddy as well as his pug sister, Bella, and his bulldog brother, Max. He is soft, squishy and not very active. He would prefer to sleep on our laps than do anything. He's a bit slow on the uptake but he makes up for it in love and cuddles.

Comments (54)
teapup Apr 28, 2009
cuuute. ^.^ I love pugs.

RatchetandClank Apr 28, 2009
What an adorable face!

rainingpuppies Apr 28, 2009
what a sweet heart :)

wolfgirl66 Apr 28, 2009
Soooooooooooooo ADORABLY CUTE!!!!!

kady Apr 28, 2009
He sure is a big boy.What a cute face he has.

georgia04 Apr 28, 2009
Precious Henry can come cuddle in my lap any day. What a face! I am...

maplestreetclocks Apr 28, 2009
A bit slow on the uptake? Nahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Dachshund lover Apr 28, 2009
awwwwwwwwww!his tongue is so long+his eyes are so precious!

Candya Apr 28, 2009
Henry makes me laugh!

HillCountryGal Apr 28, 2009
Henry, it looks like you've tasted or smelled something bad. :) ...

HillCountryGal Apr 28, 2009
Lucky pup! Good family!! Thank you for doing the right thing by...

FairyCake Apr 28, 2009
Aww! He is so cute, but, not to sound rude, he looks a bit...

krist Apr 28, 2009
For the record, weknow Henry is too big. We have him on diet food and...

loveheals Apr 28, 2009
Henry is great! many more years of love to you all!

ShihTzuLvr Apr 28, 2009
What a cute little man! He looks like he is so sleepy. Just...

gryt Apr 28, 2009
That tongue! Hehe. Henry is a cutie.

kian Apr 28, 2009
Henry is so sweet, many, many happy years to you!!

Hollyjulie Apr 28, 2009
Pugs are the best!!! Helloooooo Henryyyyyyy!!!!!

djmc Apr 28, 2009
Henry what a wonderful face. Sooooooo cute. God love ya Baby. hugs...

mags1 Apr 28, 2009
What a cutie pie!!

nadinemerry Apr 28, 2009
Henry is a sweetheart!

Susans4dogs Apr 28, 2009
Henry you are so adorable!!

happypup Apr 28, 2009
Pugs rule!! How come I'm the first to say it here LOL? Henry is...

Myghin Apr 28, 2009
Sir Henry of Vegas!! Well, well, well, it certainly is good to be...

doggone1973 Apr 28, 2009
Henry is a cutie and looks like a wonderful love bug.

TummyTickler Apr 28, 2009
OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Henry, that face is just irresistable!!! Love the...

Coinshop Apr 28, 2009
Henry has quite the adorable mug!! Wishes for many more happy years...

lizanne Apr 28, 2009
Oh,Saffie, you are too adorable. I love your beautiful white coat. ...

CollieMom Apr 28, 2009
Well, I posted a comment attached to one of Henry's pictures but...

maddie the dog Apr 28, 2009
Henry you are the biggest pug I have seen- love the face

DailyPuppy Admin Apr 28, 2009
The sun is in my eyes Mom! What a cutie pie.

mlcy Apr 28, 2009

THE BLACK WIDOW Apr 28, 2009
Awesome dog...extremely adorable!!

maisysmom Apr 28, 2009
Please don't rule out a thyroid issue contributing to his weight....

Oliver's Mummy Apr 28, 2009
Henry, you are adorable! What a character. I too would be unable to...

lilyb Apr 28, 2009
Henry is adorable! He has great face and sounds like a total love...

quilla Apr 28, 2009 are just perfect !!!!!

krystle Apr 28, 2009
cute face

T&T Apr 28, 2009
Henry you are a sweetheart! Your personality shines through in every...

amyliz Apr 28, 2009
I thought my comment this morning "took" but now I don't...

quazimotto Apr 28, 2009
Oh my goodness...He is a chunk!I would love to cuddle with this cutie!

terrierdog Apr 28, 2009
well i just love this chubby pug. i could hug him to death!!! kuv the...

sheltie_lover11 Apr 28, 2009
He's so chubby and cute!

Hooch Apr 28, 2009
Please help Henry loose some weight - his life may depend on it.

krystle Apr 28, 2009
i agree with Hooch and so would a vet! and these comments aren't...

krystle Apr 28, 2009
anyone that thinks this dog is perfect is delusional, their own pet...

maddiesmom Apr 29, 2009
henry is gorgeous but isnt he overweight???

maddiesmom Apr 29, 2009
you should give him only boiled chicken and green veggies

terry c Apr 30, 2009
My god, is he adorable or what? Cautionary advice: don't let...

greyhoundmommy Apr 30, 2009
Not attractive...well that is one very attractive big man. I am sure...

puppy world May 1, 2009

iluvk9s May 2, 2009
What a sweet face!!!

Larowinski May 5, 2009
How could you not love that mug!! ADORABLE! :)

BandKmama May 13, 2009
Love love LOVE Henry! He and my squishy kitty need to go on Biggest...