Hercules the Cockapoo

Dog Breed: Unknown

Puppy 's mom says: Hercules loves to toss the ball around with his paws, and when he loses the ball either behind the door or under the couches he definitely lets us know he needs our help. He enjoys running around in the backyard chasing squirrels or any bugs that are on the ground. He loves to have towel fights with his dad after I bathe him. Since he's still a puppy he loves to chew on anything that's in sight, especially loose paper, my shoes, or flip flops. He's the mushiest dog ever that if he lays in bed with me he will lay right by my head so we can be nose to nose. Our favorite time with Hercules is when he's napping. He gets into such weird positions and if you move him (because he's basically taking the whole bed and, mind you, it's a king size) he makes noises as if to say, "Stop bothering me, can't you see I'm trying to sleep?" He's such a smart dog he knows how to sit and give paw. He knows that when he's done doing his business outside he will get a treat and knows where they are. We could not have asked for a better puppy