Hershey the Labrador Retriever

Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever

Hershey's aunt says: Hershey is very friendly and loves belly rubs. But when strangers come to the door or in the yard, Hershey's hair on his back stands up on edge like a Mohawk. He spent most of his younger years running off leash at the river and the ocean, swimming and fetching sticks until the sun went down. Hershey loves camping, snow, hiking, going for walks, and although he doesn't love hanging out with other dogs, he tolerates his new sister, Dimen. Hershey is most fond of hanging out with other people, rather than dogs. We all suspect that Hershey thinks he's human. Hershey has a common problem for many Labradors, sensitive hips and knees. He has had to slow down in his old age. He still thinks he's a pup though. He loves lounging by the fire and is super cuddly in the evenings. We all love his personality. As I think about getting my own dog, I worry that dog won't be quite as expressive and enjoyable as our dear Hersh. He is a special part of our family!