Honey Bear the Collie

Dog Breed: Collie

I'm a happy, healthy collie living in rural Rhode Island. I'm surrounded with 1.75 acres of grass and woodlands to patrol and explore. I'm gentle and good-natured and love to play Frisbee or play fetch chasing tennis balls. I'm docile but also energetic and a bit mischievous at times. Mom sometimes scolds me for chewing off her budding flowers or for a reckless romp through her vegetable garden. But I get all the consoling I need from my pop because we are the best of pals. I am his 55-pound lap dog as we share the recliner in front of the TV every night. I follow him everywhere he goes, even if it's just a quick stroll down the driveway to the mailbox. I don't like to ride in automobiles so I'm content staying home keeping sentry over the house and grounds until my parents return home. No matter if they're gone for ten minutes or two hours, I'm always as happy as I can be to greet them upon their arrival.