Ingot* and Nugget* the Yellow Labs

Dog Breed: Unknown

Ingot and Nugget's parents say: Over the years we've had the pleasure of raising ten Labrador retrievers as members of our family. Frequently, we've had an older dog/younger dog combination to help us with six children and six grandchildren, but never two siblings. They've been a joy but a real challenge. There are days when we wonder which one of us is the "alpha" dog. We love them both. Had we picked just one, we would have missed out on the personality and joy of the other. We're in the midst of training them to retrieve birds and hope that someday they'll be good hunters. Like all Labs they love to retrieve, but if by chance they're both chasing the same decoy all you have left are the feathers! Ingot Nugget * Previous Puppies of the Day ~ Ingot and Nugget's Puppy Pictures