Ivy the Greyhound

Dog Breed: Greyhound

Ivy's parents say: Ivy is a seven-year-old track greyhound that we adopted two years ago. Most people want a younger dog, so we decided to ask for an older dog who had been passed over. Ivy has the sweetest spirit in spite of five years in a racing kennel. We have trained her to come when called and not to chase the wildlife, so she has a supervised free run every day with Willow, our other dog, on our farm's six kilometers of trails. To see Ivy run just for the sheer joy of doing so is a precious gift. It took her a while to learn she could play, and it is hilarious to see her bright eyes and intense expression when she decides her toys are trying to escape! The hair will never grow back where the racing muzzle scarred her face, but what does grow every day is her understanding that her life will now be a joyful one. And she gives us that joy back a million times over!