Ivy the Husky

Dog Breed: Unknown

Ivy's mom says: Ivy is our adopted husky. We live in Wausau, WI USA. The perfect place for our runner. My husband and I adopted Ivy from our local Humane Society over this past summer. She was a stray and under weight when she first came home. Now she is a slim, and mean mushing machine. (Just with out her sled). She loves to run, run and run some more especially if there is snow on the ground. With leaps and bounds she effortlessly crosses fields of three foot snow. The dog park here is her favorite place to go. With all the wonderful pups to sniff and play with, it just makes her day. Ivy howls at the notion of a car ride and likes ice cream cones in the summer time. One day she will have her own sled to pull, full of groceries and goodies. She also is in training to be a therapy dog. People, pups, and kitties are her friends!