Jade the Adoptable Grown-Up Puppy

Dog Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Jade von Meister is a pretty nine-year-old long haired AKC German Shepherd. Jade is so much more than a typical senior girl. She is playful, loving, and loyal. Currently, Jade is in a foster home with several other dogs. She seems to fit right into any group and does well with both large and small dogs. She bonds quickly and settles in easily. Despite being nine years old, Jade seems to have a good amount of energy and moves a lot faster than anyone would expect for a girl of her age. She loves to play with her foster family, then lounges and recharges for a little more of the same. Although she is not a dominant girl, Jade does let her siblings know when they are getting too boisterous with a couple of quick barks--she's like a schoolteacher keeping the kids in line. Jade is also house trained and enjoys walks. As with any older dog, it is important that Jade gets regular exercise, but she doesn't need nearly the amount a younger dog would. She is perfectly happy with a quick walk around the block and will gladly greet anyone who wants to say hello. Jade loves to cuddle and kiss, but is also perfectly content resting in her favorite spot. Kids are not a problem with Jade; she was raised with children and seems to enjoy their company. Unfortunately, Jade does not do so well with cats. Please visit: and fill out an adoption application!