Jake the Australian Shepherd/Chow

Dog Breed: Unknown

Jake's mom says: Jake was found as a stray and placed in one of Tennessee's high-kill shelters. He was saved by an organization and brought to Boston through the Great Dog Rescue of New England. Last summer we were looking for a dog, so we went to a meet-and-greet at Petco. The whole family came, including our other dog, and we all fell in love with Jake. He fit in with the family right away, and we still can't take our eyes off him. He is an energetic dog who loves just about everyone. He didn't bark at all when we first got him, to the point that we thought he was mute, but slowly the other dog taught him. He loves going for walks and running around at the park. In the winter, he started looking mopey, and it turned out that he had a spinal infection. We went to the vet at Tufts and they treated him with three months of antibiotics. He had to be caged most of the time and otherwise confined, and he wasn't allowed to go for walks. He had surgery at the end of June. He was supposed to stay at the hospital for a week, but he was such a strong dog, that he was sent home after two days. He has recently been allowed to go up the stairs and go for 15-minute walks. Despite everything, he is still a happy little guy. He's the kind of dog that when you walk down the street, someone always stops to love on him. He loves the attention!