Jake the Labrador Retriever

Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever

We adopted Jake from the county animal shelter. He has been the best, most loyal companion anyone could ask for. His favorite things to do are following us around the house, going for a swim or a walk, fetching the tennis ball, sitting under the table while we are eating to wait for our son to drop something, waiting for a scoop of peanut butter when I make a PB&J for lunch, and (best of all) snuggling up when we need a friend. Jake has been through three levels of obedience training and has also earned his Canine Good Citizen certification. Most recently, he has earned the nickname of "Grumpy", as we recently added a 12-week old Australian Cattle Dog puppy to our family. Jake has been a patient big brother, although he isn't happy when the pup wakes him up from a nap. As Jake matures even more, we hope to put him to work as a therapy dog and take him to nursing homes so that he can bring even a fraction of the happiness to others that he has brought us.