Jake the Miniature Poodle

Dog Breed: Unknown

Jake's mom says: Jake is an effervescent black miniature poodle. Even if you're not a dog-lover, you will love Jake. He is an intelligent dog who enjoys the company of his human and dog friends alike. He is always excited to play with anyone who engages him, but he is also the kind of dog who can sit down with you on the couch when you're doing homework or watching TV, with his head on your lap and showing his love for you. He loves everyone he meets, and his lively and happy demeanor brings joy has brought joy to our house from the moment he stepped into it, on April 6, 1999. The year in which we got Jake, my younger sister would ask my parents every day, "What's the percentage? What's the chance that we're going to get a dog?" My dad would reply with a different number each day, not actually thinking that we'd eventually choose to get a dog. Ultimately, he was convinced. Finally, 6 months later, we had picked the perfect puppy. We knew he was the perfect dog when he ran around and played with me and my sister for an hour, and then afterwards we sat on the couch and he sat down sprawled across both of our laps.