Jake the Weimaraner

Dog Breed: Weimaraner

My husband found Jake walking alongside the road. He offered him some food then saw that his foot and leg were hurt. So my husband put him in his 18-wheeler truck and took him to California where he tried to nurse his wounds until he could get him back home. Once back home, he took him to the vet where they put him on antibiotics. I tried to find Jake's family but didn't have any luck. I did not want another dog. But then Jake's foot got really bad, even with all the medications. It was during this time that Jake and I bonded. What I discovered was a dog who was really smart, very lovable, very demanding, and loved attention, eager to do whatever I asked of him. He has become so special to me. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't laugh at him. Jake is my special buddy.