Jambo the Adoptable German Shepherd

Dog Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Jambo is a stunning five-month-old German Shepherd puppy. He was given up by his family when they realized that puppies need training and they just weren't willing to put in the work. Jambo is a happy, silly goofball who has that typical puppy attitude of "I'm all that" until he meets another dog that will tell him "No, you're not". He's full of happy energy, loves to run around the yard in his foster home, chasing after toys, but at the same time always making sure his foster parents are in sight. He will follow them everywhere and would love to make friends with his canine foster sister if she let him. Jambo travels well in the car and snoozed all the way home from the shelter on the floor of the car. He knows his sit and down commands (especially when treats are involved) and takes treats gently from your hand. He's friendly with people and wants to say hello to everyone, but at the same time he will bark to alert if there's a suspicious noise coming from somewhere unseen. As adorable and cute as he is, please keep in mind he's still a puppy and will need training and discipline to be the best he can be. He listens well and comes when called. At this age he still has some mouthing habits, so no young kids would be best in his new home. With plenty of chew toys and bones, maybe a playful, older canine sister, training and a confident owner, Jambo will make the most amazing dog for some lucky family. Please visit for more info. (Southern California residents only!)