Jake the English Springer Spaniel

Dog Breed: English Springer Spaniel

Jake has grown into a very happy and healthy springer. His favorite hobbies are eating, playing in water, and chasing shadows. He lives outside most of the time, where he has a big yard to run in and water to splash in. He also has a two room kennel for when he needs to take a break. Jake will be taught how to hunt this fall, and he should love it as much as he likes chasing shadows.

Comments (13)
happypup Jun 30, 2014
What a beautiful dog. Such a pity he will be a hunting dog later and...

Mmmousemaid Jun 30, 2014
Beautiful Jake-- you'll make a picturesque hunting dog soon.

daphne's mom Jun 30, 2014
How beautiful! I hope you have many more happy and healthy years...

Economist Jun 30, 2014
Big yard, big 2-room doggie condo (trust me most NYC apartments are...

bluegigi Jun 30, 2014
Congrats Jake!!! A two room kennel is bigger than my house!! Almost...

LATaurus Jun 30, 2014
Sweet pup! btw, "happypup" - not all hunting is bad, and not...

schotime Jun 30, 2014
No mistaking this Jane for a plain jane, she's a natural beauty!...

Abiglen Jun 30, 2014
You've got it made in the shade, Jake! Blowing kisses to you...

drakes' granny Jun 30, 2014
Jake is a handsome boy or is it Jane is a pretty girl? Whichever...

amyliz Jun 30, 2014
Jake, handsome boy, sounds like you have a great life, which is how...

mychiensr1 Jun 30, 2014
Jake is so cute! I'm not sure about the snake:-). Hugs and...

kastencel Jun 30, 2014
Thanks for the nice comments! While I know not all share the same...

Jeremy Gjonaj Jul 1, 2014
Just adorable!