Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Sep 6, 2006 Nadine
you don't have to tell me how wonderful Shih tsus are-I have two (females) and they are the sweetest angels in teh world! Jasper and jake are very handsome indeed!
Sep 6, 2006 Cheryl
Adorable! I love their faces :o)
Sep 6, 2006 Sherry
We have 2 boys also. Love them to death. We know how you feel about yours. We would not have anything else. Shih tzus are the best.
Sep 6, 2006 DB
OH! I love them! They are so cute! I have a male who lights up my world! Thanks for sharing them with us!
Sep 7, 2006 Jody
Hey I know those cute little boys!!! Jake and Jasper are very photogenic. I can testify that those are precious, sweet, loving dogs.
Sep 7, 2006 DogMom
The boys are way cute!!!! And very masculine (if you ignore the bows ;-) )
Sep 7, 2006 Tanja
We have a little boy as well, and Shih Tzus are by far the best! Your guys are so sweet!
Sep 8, 2006 Penny ( AKA) MOM
These are my babies. Mom is proud too not just dad. I love them so much and just like a proud mama I show off their pictures to everyone...Glad others can see them too..
Sep 8, 2006 Jessica (Penny is my Aunt)
They are very photogenic. I am a Dog Groomer and we do see a lot of the Shih Tzus at work. We have to shave a lot of them down because its so hot here and people don't take good care of them. They need to be brushed out everyday. Otherwise they get matted up, somtimeds the knots can be to the skin which can be quite painful for the dog, and not to mention it hurts them when we have to remove them later when they come in for grooming. They certianly aren't the dog for everyone! They require some money spent to keep them up, and boy can they all can hold their own, and do post quite the attitude! Sounds as if I am killing them when they are puppies and are in for their first groom, or if they haven't been in often enough and require some work. One thing I have read up on them is they like to catered to. They would rather like their food brought to them on silver platters and such, and are not the breed to play fetch or bring you stuff. Its very easiy to spoil them. Who can resist those big eyes that look like little baby's eyes? I have two dogs at home, both big females, and you can be assured the estrogen never stops flowing around the house! If its my time of the month, my step daughters is the following week, then my two girls seem to have their own conflicts after that. My older one is an approx. 3 year old rescue, and adopted Hungarian Vizsla Mix named Ursula which means She Bear. She is the Dominant Female and definately lives up to her status and name. She has the first born child syndrome really bad and gets very jealous when we are petting my Rhodesian Ridgeback Akilah which is African and means Intellegence\One Who Reasons. This breed is very independent, and was created to think for themselves hence I picked that name for her. Ursula always plays rough wtih Akilah whom just turned a year on July 3rd 2006. They like to bite each others necks and curl their lips up at each other and bare their teeth, and do a lot of pouncing and pawing at each other. And they are also very vocal when they play, and its a good thing we have nice neighboors! They do tolerate the Girl's loud and frequent play sessons! With my fiancee and his son being the only two males of the house, they usaully like to go into another room and get on the computer or go do something else away from us, especially when me and my step daughter play with the Girls. Its ike they want to wrestle with us, and are struggling for dominance. Its an all out battle with the females of the house! They seem to be pretty respectful to the guys, but with us girls, there will always be that struggle with Ursula. And she has also taught Akilah some of her bad habits, so she tends to play for dominance too, which is kinda silly to watch her try. She is not quite as experienced, and will often back down when she has had enough. But Ursula doesn't back down easily. She is very stubborn, and we have to constantly monitor her behavior when we take her places. Its never a dull moment around here!
Sep 8, 2006 Jessica (Penny is my Aunt)
I also wanted to post that I adopted Ursula thru Its was thru a rescue organization called S.A.F.E. House which stands for Saving Animal Through Euthanasia. All dogs are fixed, and on current vaccines, heartworm and flea meds. She was a great deal, costing me only $95 and some room in my heart for a new best friend. I saw a link on here, and just wanted to let anyone know that there are thousands of pets who are put to sleep each year because there are too many unwanted litters born into the word. Please fix your pet! Most breeders contracts state that by the firts b-day the puppy needs to be fixed. Of course that excludes show quality dogs which most of us don't have the time for, and just want a healthy, and loving family pet. Don't let these cute faces on here fool you! And don't breed your dog "just because you want your child to experience the miracle of birth", or "you want to make some quick cash." Leave it up to the professionals! Its up to them to continue the bloodlines and keep them pure. Most good breeders are registered with the AKC and get their dogs screened for health problems, which is a big investment, but worthy every penny. You can be assured you would be getting a healthy puppy and spending less money that what you got it for. but please if you don't have the money for a purebread puppy, consider a rescue or shelter animal. They make great best friends, and they seem to be very appreciative that you gave them a new and loving home!
Oct 20, 2006 jj
they look so surprised in a cute sort of way
Apr 6, 2007 shihtzumomma
Your boya are adorable. We have 2 shih tzus ourselves & agree they are a very loving breed.
Aug 23, 2007 ceallaig
Handsome babies both! I adore tzus, having had four in my life. May I make a little suggestion? Keep their head hair short enough that the bows are not needed. Not only is it not very masculine (somehow satin ribbon just doesn't work with a name like Jake ... ), if it's too tight and pulling, they can't tell you. A groomer pointed this out to me, and it makes perfect sense, so all my babies were kept short -- it's easier for me and happier for them. Much happiness to you and the boys!
Mar 7, 2009 georgia04
Both boys are totally precious, I can see they are well loved and spoiled rotten! Give them both kisses and hugs for me. They deserve truckloads of biscuits.
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