Jean Luc and Lovie

Dog Breed: Unknown

Jean Luc and Lovie's mom says: Jean Luc is the father of today's puppies. He's quite happy with his beta-dog stature and prefers to let his wife, Lovie, run the house. Jean Luc enjoys chasing squeaky toys but can never quite manage to find where they've landed. He's afraid of standing people and tall things in general, so it takes a while for him to warm up to new friends. But when he does, he's the best helper in the world -- he'll help you eat popcorn, or bacon, or almonds, or cheese. Lovie runs the house and doesn't really get why the humans keep telling her to stay out of garbage cans. She enjoys ripping the stuffing out of squeaky toys and leaving it all over the house. In fine weather she likes to sit outside in the grass, and in foul weather she'd rather be inside. She's been a wonderful mother to 21 puppies and is presiding carefully over this her final litter at age four. After retiring, she tells us she wants to take up a singing career. Jean Luc Jen Luc and Ichigo