Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Oct 21, 2007 piggydog
very cute
Oct 21, 2007 jamfarrar
I have a pointer/lab mix as well. They are the best dogs ever! I have had my Pepe (named for the skunk-like markings) for 3 years (also rescued). You'll be hard pressed to find a more loving, cuddly, and loyal canine companion. Enjoy your Jenkins; he's sure to give you many years for fun and love.
Oct 21, 2007 rabinahman
man his cute!
Oct 21, 2007 DogLuvver
Hard to pick a favorite photo! He looks like tons of fun, I love a doggie that's up for a good adventure and Jenkins looks like he certainly is. Kudos to you for adopting from the Humane Society, I'm all for that. They say black doggies are the least likely to be adopted too!! Way to go. Have tons of fun!!
Oct 21, 2007 Jeannie
Jenkins - what a GREAT name!! He looks like he's got a wonderful personality. Enjoy yourselves!!
Oct 21, 2007 puppyluvr
What a cutie-pie! He looks like he's a lot of fun!!
Oct 21, 2007 Msvee
Alright Mr. DeMille, I is ready for my close-up now.
Oct 21, 2007 FireHorse
Jenkins, you are one beautiful, lively boy. You remind me a lot of my own pup, Henry m/index... so I love you even more.
Oct 21, 2007 bopeep
Jenkins, I think your Mom described you perfectly. All of your expressions exude sweetness. You are also a very handsome dog. Hugs and kisses.
Oct 21, 2007 DogMom
This is one handsome boy dog!!! Give him extra snuggles from me!!!!!
Oct 21, 2007 sylvanbliss
What a great life! Jenkins is a lucky dog to have been adopted by such and active person. Fun pictures too! Snuggles to you!

What's under the snow, Jenkins?
Oct 21, 2007 dorre03
What a beautiful expressive face!! I love the ears :)!
Oct 21, 2007 Mummm
How FUN! The pictures are great and the pooch looks so nice!
Oct 21, 2007 wldhrsesrydsagn
I am the proud mommy of a lab mix that looks just like him! I kept him and his brother and sister from a litter of 11 that was born to a stray in the barn next door to me and I took in. His name is Harley. Mine is a Black Lab/Blue Heeler mix...the white spot down the chest has black spots mixed in. They are very very smart dogs and I think yours is absolutely beautiful. God Bless you for adopting him through the Humane Society. I am a foster mom to a momma and her 6 (used to be 7 but one has been adopted out) puppies that she had 48 hours after she found my home. She was a drop off and her companion who wandered up was hurt by some jerk that threw an ax at him. Thankfully he is fine and is on his way from here in TN to Connecticut! :)
Oct 21, 2007 Terry C
What a happy boy!

Best of luck with him....I hope you have many years together.
Oct 21, 2007 faintsfromcutedogs
EVERY SINGLE THING IS CUTE about Jenkins, down to his name! Love him.
Oct 21, 2007 weaselsmom
This doggie just oozes love, personality and devotion- all the things that God intended us to find in our companion animals. What a terrific fella.
Oct 21, 2007 pooh91158
Gee...there were so many cute pictures here it was nearly impossible to pick just one! Definitely a photogenic little guy!
Oct 21, 2007 snuh
Hee hee! Your ear's on inside-out, silly dawggie!
Oct 21, 2007 pauleenm
How adorable. He looks like a dog I had when I was a kid. Many good memories there.
Oct 21, 2007 sandi
What a handsome face!:wink: He looks so sweet and kind. I bet he makes a wonderful companion.
Oct 21, 2007 mollysmommy
What a very handsome lad. He is just beautiful, and I can tell he enjoys having his picture taken. Wishing you years of snuggles. :)
Oct 21, 2007 Mom2Max
He's adorable! I had trouble picking a favorite picture because he's so expressive! We have a labrador retriever, and she's (Harley Girl) a sweetie too!
Oct 21, 2007 bayley's mom
You can just see how sweet and gentle your boy is in this picture. I love labs and Jenkins (GREAT name by the way) is definitely one of the most beautiful labs I've ever seen!
Oct 21, 2007 LucyB
What a good looking boy.He looks just like the mix,that Pointer face and that "in the water with my tennis ball" Lab personality. I can tell he's a fun companion!
Oct 21, 2007 cambriansea
Ooh, he is a BEAUTY. I love those bright, gentle eyes. He is sleek and balanced and lovely, and looks like the ideal companion for any adventure!
Oct 22, 2007 Spuddles
You clearly picked a winner :) Hope you can Jenkins have many happy years ahead of you together.
Oct 22, 2007 jillieorama
What a gorgeous boy. I can tell by that gaze of his he has a kind and sweet soul--he seems like such a darling guy, and so gentle. Good on you for rescuing him, I wish you two all the very best!
Oct 22, 2007 jillieorama
Oh, I forgot to pick a favourite picture! It was difficult. They're all wonderful.

He really does seem so sweet!
Oct 22, 2007 jillieorama
Maybe it'll work now? I'll give up if it won't, but the 6th pic from the top. Beautiful.
Oct 24, 2007 gary
I just loved his name, but then I would cos its my surname.
Beautiful beautiful dog.
Good for you taking a rescue, many years of fun and happiness to you.
And a sack full of buiscuts for Jenkins.
Oct 26, 2007 adiandrea
I cant say how cute this pup is! I want a pointer lab mix now!
Nov 4, 2007 lynda_aileen
He's so handsome! :)
May 9, 2008 jenkins5
Yay another black doggie rescued! Jake is awesome! He's such a handsome boy and sounds like a wonderful pal. I have a soft spot for black labs since adopting my boy Jenkins. Many happy years to you both!
May 9, 2008 jenkins5
Yay another black doggie rescued! Jake is awesome! He's such a handsome boy and sounds like a wonderful pal. I have a soft spot for black labs since adopting my boy Jenkins. Many happy years to you both!
Aug 24, 2008 skaternate
cool!!! looks like the future dog of my puppy! i looked up lab/pointer becouse i have one and found this! heres my 8 week old lab/pointer here 2524/pupdiggerne8.gif here http://img247.imageshack. us/img247/3450/pupface2ry0.gif and here http://img376.imagesh
Nov 3, 2008 georgia04
Jenkins is a sweet boy. This picture of him with now on his muzzle is darling! Give him cuddles for me!
Nov 10, 2008 Controversy.Sells
I also have a pointer black lab mix, and I love her to death. She's so friendly and playful, I couldn't ask for a better friend. Jenkin's is the cutest dog and you guys will have many years of fun and memories together :)
Feb 1, 2009 FullTimeDE50
Jenkins looks just like my dog when he was a puppy. We got him from the Humane Society just like you, and we live in Wisconsin too, lol. Here's some pics of him: http://i208 imeDE50/pic425.jpg &# 10; ms/bb239/FullTimeDE50/pic224.jpg 3; http://i208.photob /pic276.jpg http :// 9/FullTimeDE50/pic311.jpg
Aug 11, 2009 julie1424
my puppy look just like yours
Nov 13, 2009 MustLoveDogs83
Gorgeous mix! What a beautiful face! XD
Jan 31, 2010 flytatt
I have a lab/pointer mix that was also a rescue dog. Patriot is by far the best dog my husband and I have ever had. He was housebroken in one day. This particular mixed breed is very intelligent and willing to please as long as training begins as soon as you bring them home. He is one of the best hunting dogs my husband has hunted with. This particular breed is extremely loyal and a very persistent hunting dog that never seems to give up. He will hunt as long as the owner wants to and in most cases my husband tires way before my dog does. However, he does not like the water and therefore this is not the breed for water fowl hunting. He is a very affectionate dog and only lives to please. I totally recommend this breed and they make an extremely good watch dog. This breed does not have any bad qualities.
Apr 24, 2010 bebe
My husband and I rescued our Gracie from our local animal shelter. She's absolutely wonderful - loving and full of life! Jenkins is terrific! Take care of him.
Oct 23, 2010 PRO has 21 newborn lab/pointer puppies available for pre-adoption. I was googling this combination and came across this website. The pups are adorable and if you are interested or know anyone who is, please check out our website. It should be updated over the weekend so please check back if you do not see the link for the pups. We are looking for good homes so pass the word around. You can also email me at for more information.
Dec 26, 2011 mani paki
yesterday i got one puppy as a gift from one of my clients.he was sure that it is a pure GSP. but i was reluctant to accept it because in my childhood i owned three GSP.after going through these photographs of jenkins now im pretty sure that it is mix breed of lab/ wife and daughter are insisting to keep it but im reluctant firstly because i already have three japanese spitz and secondly i want to keep a pure breed
Mar 17, 2013 debbie.janssenokuma
WOW!! My Theo is an absolute clone of your dog!!! I rescued him at the pound on Sunday and he was admitted to the vet hospital Tuesday morning for Parvo. He pulled through and we were able to take him home yesterday. I knew he was a lab because of his body and webbed feet. But, yesterday he began to point at birds. I though he was part Doberman due to the faint brown on his face...but he has the same white markings on his chest and feet as yours (and brown on his face). I just love him to death!
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