Jess the Patterdale Terrier Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Jess says: "I came to live with my mom and dad from a local rescue center when I was just six months old. They were very sad because they had just lost a beautiful Staffordshire terrier called Harley. I did my best to cheer them up and showed them how I can play and amuse myself with those nice cuddly toys they bought me. I run around with them and shake them to bits and sometimes I chew them up too. I also like chasing balls and soft toys that squeak, running in the fields, and swimming in the sea. I live with two other dogs, Sam and Kip. They are both older than me so I can chase them when we are out in the fields and they cannot catch me. It's such a good game. I like treats, cuddles, and to play tricks on Kip, who is 10 years old. I am so happy now that I have a forever home, and I love my parents very much."