Jessie the Chow/Shepherd Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Jessie's mom says: Jessie is my first puppy. I got her from a humane society in Georgia when she was about four months old. She is now over two years old and lives with me in Virginia. She likes it here because it snows and she loves to roll around in freshly fallen snow. She is very sweet, very serious, and very shy. It takes her a long time to make new human friends, but once she likes you, you can do no wrong. Because of her people-shyness, she has more dog friends than human friends. Jessie really likes her Kong ball, rope toys, and squeaky toys -- especially her squeaky puppy which she has had since she was adopted. She likes to guard the house by looking out the windows and watching the people and cars go by. If she doesn't approve of someone or something, she lets me know by barking or whining. Jessie is a wonderful house dog and the perfect roommate. It is so nice to have her greet me when I come home every day. Life would be very dull without Jessie, and I hope she thinks the same about me.