Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Oct 15, 2009 lovely latvian
Jones, you are extremely handsome and will certainly make someone very happy, good luck with rehoming darling, it won't be too long.....
Oct 15, 2009 kady
How magnificient is he.Hope your new home is happy and soon.
Oct 15, 2009 w102663
He's a real beauty! Big hugs and kisses to you Jones....
Oct 15, 2009 sunshineangel
Wow! What a handsome young fella! :) He will surely be someone's best friend and protector. :) Lots of kisses and cookies...
Oct 15, 2009 Sashas Dad
Shepherds are the coolest dogs by far. This guy will not have trouble finding a forever home.
Oct 15, 2009 jcwren
Sashas Dad, I heard you there. My wife is like "Maybe our next dog should be something different, like a Bernese Mountain Dog". And I think, "Yeah, that might be interesting." Then I see a good looking GSD or Shiloh somewhere and I think, "She's nuts! Why would you want anything else except another GSD?!?" As the saying goes "If it's not a German Shepherd, it's just a dog". :)
Oct 15, 2009 HillCountryGal
Hi Mr. Jones von Malibu! Get your bags packed, cause someone will be wanting to take you home very soon. You look like the kind of dog that enjoys hugging. **Thank you to for all you do to protect and love these great dogs.
Oct 15, 2009 asiasmum
Jones is a very handsome boy, I hope he finds a loving home very soon.
Oct 15, 2009 chicagobeardog
Scooby Dooby Doo!!
Oct 15, 2009 kiljey
What beautiful eyes they are so gold just like Jones I pray you have a home very soon.
Oct 15, 2009 KathyA11
What a stunning young man he is! Whoever adopts him will be incredibly lucky.
Oct 15, 2009 Love Labs
What a handsome boy! i hope he finds a loving forever home soon! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of Hugs for Jones!
Oct 15, 2009 fritzy
Oct 15, 2009 dogmom
This the expression that makes me wish I was 1. a big dog person and 2. located close enough to take this big handsome boy home. What a beauty. Best of luck finding a forever home for this gorgeous creature. Whoever he ends up with will be lucky. Stunning.
Oct 15, 2009 ZBR
I used to not be a shepard fan, but the more I am around them, the more I fall in love with them... and without a doubt a shepard is going to be my next dog. Wish I could bring you home Jones, but 3 dogs are already a handful! Hope you find your new home soon, you will make someone a good dog and a great friend.
Oct 15, 2009 DoglessInZurich
This is heart-wrenching, that poor, homeless Shep! I hope so sincerely that he gets a home, he is just a beauty. I am so sorry you don't have a forever place yet. Please give him some extra attention from over here, I wish he were closer!!
Oct 15, 2009 LSM
You beautiful handsome boy. Who wouldn't fall in love with you and want to give you the best home!!!! He has a prize winning face and his markings are perfect. I want to thank this organization for all they do to help these wonderful dogs. Kudos to all your volunteers!!!! Love Storme & Dixie, Manitoulin Is. On.
Oct 15, 2009 jille1202
what a handsome dog! I'm sure he'll make someone a wonderful companion...
Oct 15, 2009 Teeny83
What a beautiful GSD, I hope you find a loving home. 11 Biscuits for you!! Love Daisy and her mom
Oct 15, 2009 lalamcgoo
Jones you are an exceptionally handsome fella, I have such a soft spot for shepherds and you make me want to have a 3rd doggie!!! You will make some family very happy and proud. Best wishes to you big guy. :)
Oct 15, 2009 djmc
Jones what a wonderful handsome face. Love ya , I'm sure you find a wonderful loving family . God bless you baby. hugs and kisses
Oct 15, 2009 molsmom
Jones... you are such a handsome fella! I am sure you will have a loving home very soon.
Oct 15, 2009 Beth Elder
Jones is so gorgeous, intelligent, alert and especially sweet looking. He looks like he would make a good watch dog but at the same time like he would love people. I pray that he find a wonderful home if he has not found one. I am confident someone will fall in love with him!
Oct 15, 2009 dogs101
Jones is very handsome and im sure he will find a home very soon!
Oct 15, 2009 alie7
You are so beautiful Jones! I love german shepherds. I hope that you find a forever home very soon. Eleven biscuits and lots of hugs for you.
Oct 15, 2009 donalie
He is wonderful! How I wish I could take him now! A year from now we expect to be living on our country property. Boy, would he have loved that! Good Luck, Jones.
Oct 15, 2009 Freedom's Pet
Jones is one handsome and intelligent looking young man. I hope he finds his forever family today. Lots of treats and tummy rubs for Jones, and wishes for a long, healthy and happy life with loving people.
Oct 15, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
How did this beautiful boy end up adoptable!!??? I can't believe that anyone would let go of this gorgeous face! I would love to have Jones come live with me. Wolf and Ella (especially Ella) might not approve! I know this precious baby will have NO trouble finding a forever family who will love and appreciate him the way he deserves! Good luck, Jones, and have a happy life.
Oct 15, 2009 lizanne
This GSD is beautiful. I hope he finds his forever home very soon. Hugs baby. Elizabeth and the gang.
Oct 15, 2009 Beth1226
Jones has such a regal look about him. He's a gorgeous dog.
Oct 15, 2009 Surban
Jones you are a very handsome boy. I hope you find a loving forever home that will provide you with everything you deserve!
Oct 15, 2009 raiu9
Oh my, Jones, what a handsome young man you are! I'm positive you will have no problem finding a home. Hugs and kisses to you, my love.
Oct 15, 2009 durangosage
Remember, head high and smile! You'll find a forever home soon.
Oct 15, 2009 Codydog
Jones is the handsomest dog ever! Find a great home soon, darling. xxx
Oct 15, 2009 DailyPuppy Admin
I just love Jones! I hope you find your forever home real soon buddy.
Oct 15, 2009 brunomom
Oh my God, he is so beautiful. I would love have him as a family member in my home, but my Bruno has cancer and I am now going through every available penny I have in an effort to bring about a recovery. I will pray that this beautiful animal and all the animals have the homes they all deserve.
Oct 15, 2009 iluvk9s
Jones is so precious and beautiful. Please go home soon sweet baby. Zillions of biscuits, kisses and hugs!
Oct 15, 2009 2dogmom
Oh, Jones! What a handsome boy! I hope you find a loving home soon with someone who truly appreciates all a GSD has to offer. Health and long life to you!
Oct 15, 2009 jessie's mum
Jones, you gorgeous, gorgeous boy!!! Your coat looks like royal blue in this pic - and you look royal in all of your pics. I know you will find your forever home soon ... you are not that handsome for nothing, are you sweetheart!! Good luck and many kisses ....
Oct 15, 2009 malawi
Jones you are just wonderful! I do hope you get the best of homes and someone to love and who loves you back for the rest of your life!
Oct 15, 2009 drakes' granny
Wow Jones is a handsome fella. Someone is going to be really happy to have him as a companion. Hope he finds a young active couple that like to hike. Just perfect markings. Great looking pup!
Oct 15, 2009 taniamorse85
Jones looks like he would make a good police dog! He is absolutely adorable, and he looks quite intelligent. I hope he finds the right home soon!
Oct 15, 2009 leia kelly
What a handsome dog. I so hope he finds a good home. Jasmine & I love GSD's!
Oct 15, 2009 Silv3rT3ar
Jones, you have the most beautiful eyes i've ever seen :D
Oct 15, 2009 wolfgirl66
I hope that BEAUTIFUL Jones will soon be in a wonderful & loving Forever Home!!!!!!!!
Oct 15, 2009 squishy
I have a pug also. She will be 7 years old tomorrow. She is my best friend. I hope you have many happy years with your new baby!
Oct 15, 2009 puppy world#1
Soooooooooo cute
Oct 15, 2009 doggone1973
Jones is one very fine looking GSD, i sure hope that he will find a great loving home real soon.
Oct 15, 2009 sandee
Exactly!!!!!! how can such a gorgeous boy end up being adoptable?!!!! How could anyone do that?! He should definitely have a good home, and he should not be given to any home that wont' deserve him as much as he deserves a good home, and for life! With tears in my eyes Jones, God bless you !!!!! Not having 3 dogs already, I'd take you in a moment! Love Lucie xoxoxoxoxo
Oct 15, 2009 georgia04
Wow, Jones is a a model pup for sure....SO handsome. I hope and pray someone good takes him home and gives him a happy life. He's too lovely to resist.
Oct 16, 2009 ILoveBina
So Cute we have a german shepherd! Hope he finds a good home!
Oct 16, 2009 mydexy
Awwwww! Jones is sooooo adorable!
Oct 16, 2009 lucybee
What a long,lanky boy you are.You are absolutely gorgeous and I hope someone gives you your forever home soon.I can see in those sweet eyes of yours what a wonderful friend you would be!
Oct 19, 2009 views302
You are such a handsome boy Jones with a beautiful face!!! Someone's going to love you.
Oct 24, 2009 Critter Crazy
What a charming furkin!
Nov 3, 2009 Sladesmaid
What a handsome boy he is!!! He really has spirit in those eyes! I hope he finds a 'forever home' very soon! Give him a big bone & belly rub from us :)
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