Kai von Krieger the Adoptable Shaggy Nordic Mix

Dog Breed: Mixed (unknown) / German Shepherd Dog

Kai von Krieger is a charming 2 year old shaggy Nordic mix! We know our German Shepherds but nothing else, so your guess is as good as ours. We were doing a transport down from a shelter in Central California, Kai was a shelter favorite and no one could stand the thought of euthanizing him. So Kai is living a charmed life, first to charm people so numb from what they see and then to get a whole different breed rescue to save him. When anyone meets Kai they will understand. He is so social and outgoing. He is wonderful with people of all ages that he met at an adoption event. His first cat test went really well. Kai does well with most dogs, he is friendly but confident so they respect him, even though he is only around 40 to 45 pounds. Kai is easy to walk. He loved a bath one of the volunteers gave him. Kai is an all around great dog!