Kaiah the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Keeshond / Mixed

Kaiah is courageous, sweet, and sometimes rebellious. Her name is Hawaiian and stems from the Native American word which means, "Rare Beauty." She goes by Kaiahkinz, Kaikulz, Doodle, Cytokinz, Kai Pie, or Kai Kai (whichever one comes to mind first). Her favorite toy is her unstuffed hedgehog (aka The Skin of Hogemen). Kaiah absolutely loves all animals (especially cats)! When you’re sad, she acts silly and does funny things like pushing her nose into your tickle spots to make you laugh. Kaiah can be a little submissive sometimes when it's time to put her collar on or take a ride in the car. She is a very fast learner but gets distracted very easy. Kaiah is so sweet; I could never live without her! :)