Kelsey the Cocker Spaniel Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Kelsey's mom says: Kelsey has had me wrapped around her paw since our very first meeting. Growing up, I always wanted a solid black male cocker spaniel. I saw an ad online for a litter of cocker spaniel pups at a local rescue ranch. I visited the ranch with the intention of adopting one of the solid black male puppies, but Kelsey had other ideas. On my visit, I picked up each puppy and played with them for a few minutes. Kelsey was the only puppy to come running back to me as soon as I put her down. I picked her up for a second time and she placed her head on my shoulder and nuzzled in. That little move won me over and I decided to adopt her instead. She's been running my life ever since! Kelsey is full of love and always keeps me on my toes. Her favorite place is our local park, where she enjoys watching the ducks, meeting other dogs, being told how cute she is, and occasionally running a squirrel up a tree. She loves going for rides in the car, so she was truly happy this summer when she joined the family on a vacation from Texas to California. Kelsey still has moments where she is mischievous. When left home alone to guard the house, Kelsey can always be counted on to shred any piece of paper that has been left within her reach!