Keya the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Unknown

Keya's brother says: Keya is a thirteen-year-old mixed breed living in Vancouver, Canada. She was a rescue dog, adopted at 10 months. It was love at first sight as her big nose poked through the cage, tail wagging furiously and crying with excitement at our first hello. Keya came home with us two days later and has been around the world with us---from Toronto to Italy (where she became a big fan of pasta) and finally settling in Vancouver. We think she was left alone a lot when she was a puppy, as she has a deep fear of abandonment. If we leave her for only five minutes, she'll eat whatever is in sight (from lampshades to thumbtacks to laundry baskets) and cry for half an hour when we get back. Keya loves sleep, big, long pets, and most importantly, songs about her---no dog in the world has been the subject of so many original compositions. Keya is slowing down in her old age but recently recovered well from surgery. To this day she remains softer and fluffier than any puppy I have ever met, and will forever be remembered and loved by anyone who meets her.