Kodiak the Samoyed

Dog Breed: Samoyed

Kodiak is one of the happiest, healthiest dogs I've ever had the privilege to have been owned by. He loves everyone he meets, especially young 'uns! He's very popular at Doggy Day Care and is helping me start my very own dog walking business. He's also an avid runner. He has helped me train for and complete five marathons in the last two years. Kodiak loves the snow and ran six miles with me in two feet of snow--on a plowed road, of course. He is my third Samoyed and, truly, my best friend!

Comments (41)
Bears...just b-claws Sep 8, 2011
So precious. Hugs

sasha1 Sep 8, 2011
Beautiful, Majestic!

daphne's mom Sep 8, 2011
What a beautiful dog! I hope you many more happy and healthy years...

legotech Sep 8, 2011
FAB tail! He's a beauty and sounds like he's a great companion

guerrero's grandma Sep 8, 2011
spying on the neighbors, huh? Kodiak, you are a handsome fellow...

amyliz Sep 8, 2011
Kodiak, you are stunningly handsome and sound like a wonderful...

MaeDeLena Sep 8, 2011
With all that you help your family do, I can see why you sleep so...

Abiglen Sep 8, 2011
Beautiful picture! Kodiak, you are a true friend and an inspiring...

janet weir Sep 8, 2011
What a magnificent looking dog! Just beautiful, especially that tail!

Lianba Sep 8, 2011
Love Sams - I think they are the best! Beautiful boy.

Goldenmom58 Sep 8, 2011
Kodiak, I KNOW that you are dreaming of your very next run. You are...

WATERDOG Sep 8, 2011
Somebody's Sleeeeeepy, Cheers!

drakes' granny Sep 8, 2011
Very alert and ready. Kodiak is a very handsome fella with a...

pupz Sep 8, 2011

JanW Sep 8, 2011
Kodiak is such a pretty boy. I love seeing a dog....big or...

goldenlover Sep 8, 2011
Beautiful creature. I can't help thinking this picture is after...

virgilsmama Sep 8, 2011
So very handsome! I knew a wonderful Sam named Painter, he sounds...

Lulu4272 Sep 8, 2011
Kodiak, you are sooo beautiful. What a wonderful friend to have! I...

cane corso Sep 8, 2011
He is stunning!

mushermaggie Sep 8, 2011
I love all the Northern breeds, but Sammis are especially pretty!

madeline Sep 8, 2011
Absolutely wonderful !

gryt Sep 8, 2011
Gorgeous pup!!!!

The Raven Sep 8, 2011
Kodiak you are quite the regal fellow. And a great runner, marathon...

chelsearosebud Sep 8, 2011
Your Kodiak is a gorgeous specimen and the perfect companion. Wishing...

tomthumb Sep 8, 2011
Sweet dreams. You are an adorable angel at nap time. How special you...

CA puppylover Sep 8, 2011
No wonder Kodiak is popular at doggy day care; he's one handsome...

leia kelly Sep 8, 2011
What a hunk! Just adorable!

reinaknits Sep 8, 2011
Kodiak...gorgious!!! So Regal looking. Have a great...

Linds622 Sep 8, 2011
Aww how sweet :) He is beautiful! Many happy years to you and him!

mychiensr1 Sep 8, 2011
Hi Kodiak, You are such a handsome boy! From what I heard. You are...

GracesPenniesforPets Sep 8, 2011
Samoyeds are beautiful dogs, and Kodiak is a perfect example of them!...

Pugsly'smomma Sep 8, 2011
What a beautiful boy!

malawi Sep 8, 2011
What a very beautiful boy you aer Kodiak!

Kendra87 Sep 8, 2011
Awwww I love you hugs and kisses! Have a long happy life!

Coinshop Sep 8, 2011
The dog that owns you (such appropriate wording) is beautiful. Hope...

iluvk9s Sep 8, 2011
Kodiak is beautiful!!!! Zillions of hugs, treats and kisses!!

bestfriends Sep 8, 2011
Oh Kodiak, what a stunning guy you are. You have a very lucky owner,...

susannablues Sep 8, 2011
Truly beautiful. Many long happy years together. Susanna

tzumom Sep 8, 2011
You are soooo...beautiful..what a lucky mom to have such a great...

Jose Sep 8, 2011
Kodiak your a very handsome boy. I hope that you have a great life....

lucybee Sep 10, 2011
You are a GORGEOUS boy!!