Kohlee the Belgian Shepherd

Dog Breed: Belgian Sheepdog

We've had Kohlee since she was 12 weeks old. She's always been the sweetest dog and has an exceptional temperment. Kohlee is very lean due to her serious ball drive. She lives to play fetch with the ball or frisbee and swim in our pool. She has strong protective insticts with her pack. She is such a wonderful dog and she brings us so much joy in our lives.

Comments (14)
guthiresfanclub Apr 13, 2008
Maybe Kohlee could teach our dog to bring the ball...

pomtzu Apr 13, 2008
She likes to show that tongue off, doesn't she? When she gives...

catahouladad Apr 13, 2008
You gonna throw that thing? please? Hey! THROW IT ALREADY!

Bananagirl123456 Apr 13, 2008
She's so cute!!!

beckersunc Apr 13, 2008
Such a pretty, happy girl! Give her an extra noggin scratch for me. :)

kool_kat_3 Apr 13, 2008
AWWW how cute! she is a very beautiful girl! i dont think ive ever...

mummm Apr 13, 2008
I am beautiful and I have the world's longest tongue. :^)

babygirl445 Apr 13, 2008
What a cute baby

s & w's mom Apr 13, 2008
Life is so sweet & tasty and Kohlee should know it because, yes, she...

doggymommy Apr 13, 2008
Since I am a German Shepherd owner and lover, I could not resist this...

jowaldo Apr 14, 2008
What a sweet girl!

rickysmom Apr 15, 2008
Kohlee is lovely!!

doggielover80 Apr 15, 2008
oh my gosh! that tongue! those ears! she looks like a lot of fun. ...

radioriot Apr 24, 2008
She looks so happy and smart! I'd love to have a Belgie some day....