Konan the Boxer

Dog Breed: Boxer

We would like to pay a special tribute to Konan.
When we got Konan I didn't want another dog. We had a pit at the time and I thought that was enough. We went to "see" him, as my husband said. He knew that I would fall in love with him instantly, and I did. He won me over at first sight. We had him for almost 9 years. He and my husband were best friends. If my husband was in the back yard, Konan was on his heels. He loved to be around my husband. He learned that he was tall enough to reach the door bell with his nose and that he got a response from us when he did. So he would ring the door bell when he wanted to come in and when he wanted food. So you can imagine now how we feel when the door bell rings. He passed away January 31, 2008.