Kora the Keeshond

Dog Breed: Keeshond

Kora's mom says: Kora LOVES tile floors, sticking her head out of the car window, romping in the snow, pretzels, swimming in grandma's pool (a newly-found talent), learning new tricks, shredding every tissue in the trash, mommy's laundry, dragging every toy out of her toy bin until she finds the toy with the loudest squeaker, finding new playmates (bias against no animal or inanimate objects), being the first one down the steps, sleeping between the wall and my pillow in our bed, spinning in circles when she's excited! Kora HATES hot weather, vacuums, rain, an empty food dish, indoor baths (outside with the hose is fine because the garden hose is actually a playmate), being left alone, when mommy comes home and every tissue in the trash has been shredded, when mommy blows bubbles with her chewing gum!