Laci the Shetland Sheepdog

Dog Breed: Shetland Sheepdog

Laci's mom says: Laci will be four years old February 28. She is a dainty little girl. She never gobbles her food or treats; it is one bite at a time. Her tricks include saying her prayers, doing high five, shaking, begging, and retrieving my slippers. She will always pose for me when I ask her to stay and she sees me with the camera. She loves to please me and will let me do just about anything to her -- dress her up, hold her like a baby (even though she is 26 lbs), or give her kisses and hugs. Laci just loves to play ball. You throw it and she brings it right back to you to throw again and again and again. She NEVER tires of fetching. At times she even tries to catch the ball with her paws like a cat. I have several BIG Beach balls that she loves to go after. She herds them back to you to toss again. If you pop it up in the air she will jump off all fours to pop it back -- her way of throwing it to you. I love taking Laci places because almost everyone that sees her says she is just beautiful. She is a love and I would give anything to keep her with me at work and anyplace else I go all the time.