Laika the Samoyed

Dog Breed: Samoyed

I am a spunky, sweet little girl. My mommy came to meet me in Massachusetts when I was 4 weeks old and fell in love immediately. My human parents waited a long time to get just the right puppy and I am it! I love to play and go to work with Mommy. When Daddy gets home I follow him around and tell him all about my day and if he wants to give me meatballs I might take them. I like to ride in the car with my seatbelt and I love to dig! My parents keep reminding me I am a white dog who hates baths but I just love to dig. I will even dig in the carpet, my bed and blankets if I am not outside. I am really smart and already know lots of tricks and I like to be told how smart I am. I live in Vermont and I cannot wait for winter! My parents don't love winter but they love me so I know they will let me play in the snow.